Filing your claim


Arrange to have any temporary repairs done and protect your property from further damage once it is safe to do so. Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to the adjuster. Payments for temporary repairs are a part of your total settlement in the event you have a covered loss.


Contact Cooke Insurance ( 24hrs ) at 1-800-566-5666 to speak with a Broker and discuss submitting a claim


Report any Burglary or Theft to the police


Once the claim is submitted to the Insurance Company you will be contacted by a claims adjuster (Claims expert who guides you through the claims process and negotiates your claims settlement)


Contact your broker at anytime during the claims process should you have any concerns with the claims process. (That’s our role as your broker and we want to hear from you if you have concerns or are not satisfied)


Create a detailed list of damaged items on your property. Identify brand names, model numbers, where the item was purchased and its original cost. Do not dispose of damaged items, as your adjuster may need to view them.


Take note of any structural damage on your property. Look at all structures, such as sheds, fences, garages and carports. If you suspect damage that is not visible, the adjuster may recommend hiring experts to carry out further inspection.


Obtain detailed repair estimates from licensed and bonded contractors. A written estimate should outline what labour and materials are needed.


Save receipts from any additional living expenses you may incur while away from your home. If you need to live elsewhere while repairs are underway, your policy considers all expenses over your regular expenditures. hem.

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